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Evidence Base for the Findon Neighbourhood Plan

Ref No Neighbourhood Plan Findon Neighbourhood Plan References                                          

Findon Neighbourhood Plan [pdf] 3MB - post examination plan Sept 2016

Community Aspirations [pdf] 1MB

Examiners Report [pdf] 845KB


Submission Plan [pdf] 4MB

Basic Conditions Statement [pdf] 6MB

Consultation Statement [pdf] 6MB

Village Design Statement [pdf] 2MB

Reg 16 comments [pdf] 272KB

PC response to Agenda Item 11 of the SDNPA Planning Committee [pdf] 23KB


Proposed addendum to the Submission Plan  - Suggested amendments to the Reg 16 Plan for consideration by the Examiner [pdf] 72KB

  Regulation 14 Submission Plan [pdf] 889KB  
  Regulation 14 Consultee List [pdf] 52KB  
1 Village Design Statement [pdf] 2MB Appendix 4 - Policy HD8
  Business and Tourism  Section 5.3 - Page 23
2 Survey results - link to web page  
3 Community Profile - Equity and Prosperity [pdf] 3MB  
4 Community Profile - Economy [pdf] 2MB  
5 Equestrian Sites in Findon [pdf] 868KB Section 3.3
6 Findon Businesses [pdf] 175KB Section 3.5.1
7 Findon Farms [pdf] 32KB Section 3.5.1
8 Tourist Accommodation [pdf] 41KB Section 3.5.2
9 Broadband Report [pdf] 106KB Section 3.5.3, Policy BT9
9a Business and Tourism Report [pdf] 139KB Section 3.5.1
  Getting Around  Section 5.4 - Page 27
10 Survey results - link to web page  
11 Public Rights of Way Map [pdf] 823KB Section 3.4.4
12 Dept for Transport Accident Data 2005 to 13 [pdf] 758KB Section GA 5.1
13 1839 Village Map [pdf] 254KB Section GA6.4
14 Community Profile - Transport and Connectivity [pdf] 3MB  
15 Speeding issues in the village [docx] 13KB Section 3.4.5
16 Transport Matters by John Boal [doc] 27KB Section 3.4.5
  Community Facilities and Wellbeing  Section 5.5 - Page 31
17 Survey results - link to web page - Community Profile - Introduction and Social and Cultural [pdf] 9MB Policy CFW1
18 Review of Community Facilities [pdf] 206KB Policy CFW1
  Environment and Sustainability Section 5.6 - Page 35
19 Findon Unique Landscape [pdf] 321KB Section 3.3
20 SSSI and Ancient Woodland Map Section 3.3.2, 3.3.3
21 Listed Buildings in Findon Section 3.3.5
22 Character and Heritage Report [pdf] 2MB Section 3.1
23 Energy Efficiency and Renewables Report [pdf] 54KB Policy ES4
24 Flooding and Drainage Report [pdf] 214KB Policy ES2
25 Local Character and Heritage Archaeology [pdf] 72KB Policy ES5,6,7
26 Open Spaces Trees and Habitats Report [pdf] 116KB Policy ES3
27 Tree Preservation Orders [pdf] 36KB Section 3.3.4
28 Findon Conservation Area Section 3.3.7
29 Buildings or Structures of Character ADC SPD [pdf] 166KB - extract for Findon Section 3.3.8
30 Nepcote Proposed Conservation Area [pdf] 635KB Policy ES6
31 Revised Ancient Woodland Study for West Sussex - link to web site Policy ES3
32 Findon Parish Plan [pdf] 25MB  
33 Scheduled Ancient Monuments [pdf] 2MB Section 3.3.6
34 Local Open Space Map [pdf] 817KB Appendix 3 - Policy CFW7
35 Local Green Space Map [pdf] 790KB Appendix 2 - Policy CFW6
36 Agricultural Land Classification Map [pdf] 930KB Policy HD1
37 Environment Notes P Boal [pdf] 84KB  
38 Character and Heritage Report [pdf] 2MB  
38A Findon Strategic Gap [pdf] 235KB Policy ES1
  Housing and Design Quality Section 5.7 - Page 39
39 Community Profile - Housing [pdf] 2MB  
40 Survey responses - web page Section HD2.1
41 Housing Needs Survey Report [pdf] 497KB Policy HD2
42 Landscape Character David Hare pt 1 [pdf] 1MB 2.2.4, Policy HD1
43 Landscape Character David Hare pt 2 [pdf] 835KB 2.2.4, Policy HD1
44 Comments on David Hare Landscape Assessment [pdf] 2MB Policy HD1
45 Historic Housing Data and analysis of Q'airre results [pdf] 4MB Policy HD1
46 Historic Housing Information [pdf] 2MB Policy HD1
47 Housing 1996-2014 [pdf] 581KB Policy HD1
48 Housing Projections [pdf] 444KB Policy HD1
49 Review of VDS [pdf] 2MB Policy HD8
50 ADC 2009 SHLAA [pdf] 11MB Policy HD1
51 Summary of assessment outcomes by area [pdf] 2MB Policy HD1
52 Housing Sites Appraisal Process [pdf] 2MB Policy HD1
53 Community Profile - complete - link to web page  


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